Agency Services


Take advantage of our years of experience and testing, let you implement the most profitable strategies for your business.

High Level Strategy
High-Level Strategy Consulting is one of the key specialties Launch Titans provides to its clients, allowing them to create more profitable funnels, scale their ad campaigns further, solve complex tracking issues and generally avoid costly mistakes. Strategy consulting sessions are usually done with our founder present, and sometimes we refer partner companies to assist with initiatives.
Email Marketing
Based on the strategies we develop, we will advise you on the best email marketing strategies to deploy for maximum response and profitability. We’ll help you execute all email marketing campaigns using your CRM.

Our team will review email automation, email broadcast, lead acquisition, and overall performance from this channel, and provide extensive recommendations for improvement.

We have sent tens of millions of emails over the past 12 years and built hundreds of complex email automations to support businesses in creating sustained email channel revenue. Our audit will help to identify how to automate the pre-event promotion and post-event follow-up to achieve the best ROI.
Analytics and Attribution
Analytics are vital to understanding performance. Launch Titans will cover everything you need to know, including any gaps in your tracking setup, your website performance and how it compares to others, as well as visitor engagement segments. Our team has industry-leading analytics experts in-house to handle even the most complex data problems, massive data sets, and even pixel setups. We have the know-how to pull insights from your data rivaling the level of Fortune 500 data scientists, aka we can actually tell you how much money your making online and where it’s actually coming from!
Paid Media Management/Analysis

Our PPC expert consultants will start to systematically review your past campaigns, placement options and creatives to understand how well each PPC platform is performing, as well as recommendations to improve. At the end of our audit, we will provide a detailed report on how to improve your paid media advertising and better integrate it into the overall strategy. We will also recommend direct audience syncing techniques to control the timing and frequency of any current and future promotions.

Launch Titans employees some of the leading ad buying experts in the influencer space across Facebook, Snapchat & Google Adwords. We are a certified Google Badged Partner, ensuring we get early feature releases, escalated support so your ads are always reviewed by humans, not robots.

We have managed millions of dollars in adspend across all the major platforms resulting in tens of millions in revenue. Our experts are always up to date on the latest algo changes and functionality to ensure your campaign is getting the highest return on investment.

Lander Conversion Rate Analysis
During our landing page analysis, we will break down all the results from past campaigns and look for trends in page design relative to performance increases.

We will compile any observations we make, as well as recommendations for improvements and provide them in a finalized report.
Social Media Management
Launch Titans can help create the content factory of your dreams, rivaling the likes of Grant Cardone and Gary Vee. We will begin by analyzing your existing posting strategy, creatives and systems; then putting together daily actions plans to ensure each channel and placement is covered with posts. After we create the general posting strategy, we will start to work ahead to create content calendars to ensure every single holiday offer, special product launch and event is posted on time and scheduled in advance.
Automated Workflows
We’ll set up workflows that help move leads down the buyer funnel as they enjoy more content and build their confidence in your company.


Our skilled creative team takes ideas and marketing efforts to the next level, providing maximum impact.
Graphic Design
Our team of graphic designers will work with your team to get the feel for how you want your brand to be perceived. Then we will use that style guide to create effective designs for the full spectrum of your marketing needs.
Video Editing
Our video experts can help create effective video campaigns for everything from paid ads to organic social media posts. We work closely with our clients to make sure that this process meets the requirements specified in the style guide we create for you.
Ads Creation
You’ll work closely with our expert media buyer to determine the most effective creative strategy to maximize the return on investment for your campaigns. Our team of graphic designers will then use this strategy to build visually aesthetic designs to boost your marketing campaign.
We write copy to support your campaigns to help increase product awareness and ultimately persuade the uses to take a particular action. Our writers understand how to create landing page copy, email sequence copy, FB ad creative copy, and even bot sequence copy!

Our writers have over 10 years experience in working with direct response and e-commerce sales operations, are US based and formally educated at US universities.
Publish Blog Posts
We’ll coordinate with your team to help produce blog posts that meet your content production goals. Creating ongoing fresh content that is interesting to your target audience is a key for inbound marketing success. There are several ways this content will be created.

For posts that are technical in nature, someone on your team will write the content and we’ll edit it for formatting, tone, and best practices for inbound success and handle publishing and promoting it.

For posts that are more common in nature, we can interview a member of your team, and then write a post based on what we’ve learned. This procedure is much more time-effective for your team.

For video posts, you can capture video around a particular topic, and we’ll edit the video into a short format clip that works well for inbound.


Finally development that doesn’t let you down. We take your complex needs and develop custom solutions.
Website Development
It’s critical to make sure your website is built for success. Our development team will ensure that your new website will be aligned with your marketing goals in mind so that it’s aesthetically pleasing and built for profit.
Custom Membership Platform
Our team specializes in creating custom designed and developed membership sites. We can create an entire ecosystem for your content, courses, and social engagement all protected behind user logins.
Custom E-Commerce Systems
In some cases, It’s in our customers benefit to have a custom E-Commerce system that can hold transactional information separated from the processor to mitigate risk, support formal call centers, load balance multiple mids and even optimize billing cycles for specific rebill parameters. Our team has extensive experience with platforms such as Konnektive and LimeLight CRM. Companies such as Digital Marketer use systems like LimeLight CRM for this very use case.
Facebook Manychat Deployment
Manychat and Facebook Messenger is one of the fastest growing marketing channels, and for good reason. Facebook Messenger operates similarly to email marketing, but instead of a 5-10% open rate, it is usually in the 92%+ range.

This allows much greater visibility of your brands messaging. In the last year alone, we have helped over a dozen companies successfully deploy ManyChat bots which generated over 200,000 contacts.

Our agency also pioneered a method of syncing information between CRM systems and creating dynamic personalized content. We will analyze your existing methods of communication with this channel, and recommend strategies we have proven experience with.
Systems Integration
One of the reasons our agency is able to deploy funnels so rapidly for our clients is because of our wide-ranging experience across all web tools. We have learned what works best, what integrates properly and the pros and cons of nearly every mainstream marketing platform.

With this knowledge, we developed internal systems and processes for rapid development and accurate analytics. We will provide recommendations to help streamline your existing systems to reduce the lead time on development, email automation, analytical reporting and full funnel development.
Custom Software Development
We believe anything is possible, and our development team is top notch. If we need to try something new, daring, something that has never been done before, but we run into tech issues because the pathways to connect services together don’t exist, our team can rapidly build API integrations. We also have experience in building custom e-commerce systems, recurring billing platforms, and even SaaS systems.
Deploy/Manage Contests
We have run dozens of contests over the last few years, venturing into proprietary promotional methods such as integrating Manychat sequences to indoctrinate FB Live Stream audiences into your messenger bot using growth tools, creating sequences that convert contest entries into customers and structuring the contest prize structure. If you’re looking to add a contest into the mix, we are sure to be able to help!