Case Study

Go Girl Energy

CRO + Email + PPC

Client Timeline

Nov 2020 - Jun 2022

2 %
Return on Ad Spend
$ 100 k
Increase in Email Revenue
1000 +
New Customers

The Brief

Go Girl Energy is a clean energy drink company with three fun and refreshing flavor and naturally sourced caffeine from green coffee and tea. Go Girl’s mission is to raise awareness and funding for the pink ribbon causes of breast and ovarian cancer.

The Problem

The challenge Go-Girl Energy faced was how to effectively scale their brand.  They were stuck in a cycle of marketing that wasn’t yielding any real growth.  Being a small business, they were also very limited in the amount of time and effort they could allocate towards the marketing efforts.

Our Strategy

Our primary goal was to act as an extension of the internal team and take over all marketing efforts.  We were tasked with taking over the website, paid campaigns as well as all email communications.  The biggest effort we implemented was regular email campaigns and automations to boost the lifetime value of existing customers and recurring orders. We also needed to get a profitable ad campaign functioning to acquire new customers.

Conversion Rate Optimization

In order to break out of the stagnant marketing performance our team determined a number of limiting aspects to the existing sales process and platform.  We migrated the system WordPress and Woocommerce to allow us to implement CRO changes to the sales process.  One of the first A/B tests our team conducted was implementing post-purchase upsells to all landing pages and funnels.  With the CPMs and COGs rising post pandemic, we knew one of the first things we had to do was get the AOV higher.  Through implementing these upsells we were able to see a consistent increase in Average Order Value from $70 per order to $85 per order.  This additional revenue enabled us to scale the ads and achieve immediate increase in ROAs.

Additionally, our team launched numerous audience specific landing pages designed to seamlessly integrate with a specific ad campaign.  One of the landing pages and campaigns that we saw very good success with was a landing page and ad campaign targeting Nurses.  We were able to align the messaging from ad creative through to checkout which proved to have a very positive affect on the conversion rate.

When we first started working with the brand, the only option for purchase was a 48 can case. This of course made the most sense for the brand, but dramatically affected the conversion rate.  We immediately A/B tested different price points and quantities.  What we found was that majority of the customers actually wanted a smaller quantity even with the increase in price.  To offset the increase in price we emphasized the price per can on the product page rather than the total price which counteracted the price increase.

Email Marketing

As the internal team was overwhelmed with all of the other business related tasks, email and SMS proved to be very neglected.  When we came in the average email newsletter was sent to only a few hundred people without a call to action or or specific messaging.  Our first order of business was to create a content schedule for emails which included all promotions and holidays.  

In just a few short months we took the average revenue per email from under $1k to over $8k and also increased the frequency.  Although the brand was initially hesitant to be more sales driven in the emails, what we found was most users increased their order rate and lifetime value.  Slowly through the course of a year we had conditioned their audience to take action on most emails and we didn’t have to be as aggressive with our sales and discounts in order to see high conversions.


When we came into the brand, there was little to no PPC data.  With their current average order value the CPA costs didn’t make sense.  We took over the account and immediately realized their audience consistent of very dedicated and loyal customers.  We began reaching out to the customers with great reviews and high order rates and asked for them to shoot a quick video discussing the product.  Most of these users were compensated with a coupon, but it generated great UGC (user generated content) for us to use for our PPC campaigns.  This creative proved to have the highest CTR rate and the highest ROAs consistently over the more highly produced creative.  We implemented this strategy into the post purchase so we continually had a stream of great ad creative to test.

We saw great success with the ad campaigns and saw over 3.6 ROAs on the front end, which turned into a lifetime value of over $400.  We also were able to implement ad campaigns directly to subscriptions which yielded 682 new subscriptions.

Our Results

Overall we were able to significantly grow the brand’s revenue online and put in place numerous SOPs for their internal team to continue to be able to scale their marketing efforts.  Our team worked closely with the brand to navigate the additional scale and growth. 

From Nov 2020 to June 2022

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