Case Study

Hattori Hanzo

CRO + PPC + DevOps

Client Timeline

May 2019 - Nov 2022

650 %
Increase in Online Sales
25 %
Decrease in CPL
50000 +
Leads Generated

The Brief

The Hattori Hanzo Hair Shears Company is a well-known brand in the hairdressing industry. They are renowned for producing high-quality hair shears that are made from Japanese steel, which is known for its durability and sharpness. The Hattori Hanzo Hair Shears are used by professional hairdressers all over the world and are known for their precision and comfort. 

The Problem

Hattori Hanzo came to us looking for full service digital marketing help.  They struggled with with their existing website and integrating their e-commerce platform, existing sales team, and the paid advertising campaigns.  Without the proper data, they were unable to effectively scale their marketing efforts.

Our Strategy

We started by rebuilding the front end of their website, integrating all e-commerce functionality into their custom backend.  All sales pages were optimized for conversions for our paid traffic strategy.  We then helped them redesign the website to help showcase the products and brand more clearly, and assisted in redeveloping the backend checkout system to add new optimizations.  This resulted in significant increases in annual revenue, a better integrated omni-channel messaging strategy and greatly improve attribution tracking.


 The website was our first focus for this client.  while running our audits, we identified a significant error in their existing custom cold fusion checkout process.  Our team worked with their internal development team to rectify the issue and make significant UI/UX improvements to the e-commerce setup.  This error was responsible for millions of dollars in lost revenue over the years.

While we worked on the overall website, our team also designed and built multiple landing pages focused on converting paid traffic into leads for their internal sales team, as well as landing pages to sell directly to customers online which was previously not attempted.  Through the years we deployed countless 


After only 1 month of running paid ads, we cut the CPL 53%.  Additionally we saw a sustained increase in revenue for 38% from paid traffic.  We focused our paid campaigns on lead generation for the sales team while also testing direct to consumer product campaigns.  The client assumed going direct to consumer wouldn’t work because of price point and audience, but while we tested these campaigns we were able to to see a 750% increase in online sales.  This was done while also feeding quality leads to the sales team.

Web Dev

With an outdated custom system, Hattori Hanzo was in need of a lot of web development support.  Our team stepped in to streamline their development process and offer strategic insight in the rebuild process.  They were able to restructure their existing development department and lean heavily on our team to accomplish their development goals.  This change allowed them to move much quicker and push updates live at a rapid rate.

As a part of the development and marketing strategy, we helped deploy an in-house financing system which allowed for a dramatic increase in conversion rates. With the internal financing system we were able to scale the PPC campaigns dramatically profitably on the downpayment of the financing.

Our team’s ability to quickly deploy new landing pages and systems took months off of their internal development timeline.

Our Results

Overall we were able to support Hattori Hanzo achieve significant growth.  Our team was able to revamp their website, marketing strategy, and sales process positioning them for continued success.  

May 2019 – Nov 2022

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