Case Study

Kinobody Fitness


Current Client

Since 2020

100 %
Return on Ad Spend
$ 150000 k
SMS Revenue
New SMS Subscribers

The Brief

Kinobody is an innovative fitness system created by Gregory O’Gallagher. Kinobody was created with the intent to help you build a phenomenal physique by using awesome training programs. The kinobody approach prides itself on getting you great results without spending countless hours in the gym.

The Problem

Kinobody approached Launch Titans looking for a partner to help them across multiple marketing channels.  They struggling to achieving consistent ad returns while scaling and didn’t have a quick and effective way to testing new offers and campaigns quickly.

Our Strategy

Our primarily goal was to provide some consistency to the facebook and instagram campaigns at scale and be able to quickly deploy new products and offerings.  This included overseeing the email, SMS and ad campaigns.  In order to effectively measure this, we needed to deploy a reliable tracking system to measure the growth and properly identify which channels were yielding the most returns.


When we first started working together we identified almost no SMS was being utilized in either a transactional manner or in a marketing campaign. The client was hesitant to deploy SMS for fear it would cannibalize their email list.  Through our testing on previous accounts we knew that we saw very little overlap when comparing the email list vs the SMS lists.  We deployed SMS capture  across the site from popups to order forms.  

Over the course of 7 months we were able to collect 10,927 subscribers, which generated $195k in revenue with a 12.9% conversion rate.  This was a highly successful campaign and we little to no draw down in revenue from the other sales channels, showing that this was additional revenue on top of the existing marketing efforts.


The goal with PPC was to maintain an average of 1.5 ROAs on the front end.  The benefit we had was that the offer we structured included very high margin product and digital products, which allowed us to test and scale the paid campaigns very aggressively.  In just one division of the company we were able to achieve above this ROAs goal consistently while scaling the ad spend to well over $100k per month.  

Additionally we were able to produce an average of 30 new ad creatives each month allowing us to quickly test new products and offerings and therefore scale the winning campaigns.  

These results were during the iOS 14 updates and the tracking was significantly affected.  Our team was able to deploy some more advanced facebook group scraping methods in order to pass back more targeted audiences to the ad account.  Through these strategies we were able to decrease the CPA of new leads.

Our Results

Starting this project we were primarily tasked with scaling the paid campaigns, but ended up working closely with the Kinobody team to deploy and entire SMS campaign and launch multiple landing pages for new product launches.  These represented a significant boost to the overall revenue.

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