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The Brief

Tikva’s story is rooted in the idea that everyone should have access to healthy and delicious drinks that are good for them. Their products are designed to provide an alternative to maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol and give a boost of energy and nutrition without compromising on taste.

The Problem

The challenge Tikva faced was re-launching a business previously focused on local clientele. The goal was to pivot online and scale the business. Additionally, we took on this brand after the pandemic while delays with shipping and manufacturing were very high. Managing inventory and structuring marketing offers around available products was a huge hurdle for the brand.

Our Strategy

Our primarily focus was to build a customer acquisition strategy.  At the core of this we had to identify which product offering we wanted to lead with and which offer provides the best margin and chance of success.  We wanted to build the acquisition strategy around a monthly recurring offer to build out a steady base of customers to predictably grow and scale.

Conversion Rate Optimization

One of the first projects our team worked on was optimizing the existing website.  As our goal was to build out an ongoing campaign to drive traffic to the site, we needed to make sure we had the highest site optimized for conversions.  Part of this process was moving the client off of an old e-commerce platform with very limited flexibility into a system we could implement a more streamline checkout process.  

Our approach was to move to a better platform and then build out a designated landing page built around the leading product offering we were using for the paid ad campaign.

Email Marketing

As the brand had an existing list of customers, a core strategy was to utilize this list and turn these past customers and leads into an engaged audience.  We did this by building out a content calendar and establishing regular communication with this list.  We identified key holiday’s and promotions for the brand throughout the year and strategized how to structure high conversion offers for each promotion.  

In addition to the email broadcasts, our team also implemented a number of email automations integrated with the e-commerce platform.  These automations were triggered based on customer behaviors and events to further optimize the performance of the website and emails.


The paid ad campaign was core to the overall strategy for the brand. We primarily focused our ad spend on FB/IG and Google. With the core offering being a subscription, we set our KPIs to be based on CPA and ROAs. From the limited data we had on the customer lifetime value, we estimated we kept the average customer for 11 months. So we determined that we could profitably run the campaign at a breakeven or slight loss for first 30 – 60 days. The only consideration with this strategy is managing the cashflow as you scale to ensure that you can continue spending the 30 – 60 days until the ads turn profitable. For the first 3 months we ran the campaign just above profitable on the front end, meaning everything after the 30 day mark was pure profit. This allowed us continue scaling proportional to our retention rate. Within 6 months we had scaled the ad spend 780% while each month increasing the front end profitability.

Our Results

Overall the campaign was a great success.  We were able to build out a predictable customer acquisition campaign, paired with ongoing email marketing and retargeting.  

From Dec 2021 to January 2023

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