Case Study

Trifecta Nutrition

CRO + Email + PPC

Client Timeline

Aug 2018 - Dec 2021

$ 20000 +
Daily Ad Spend
9 x
Return on Ad Spend
$ 20 m+
Annual Recurring Revenue

The Brief

Trifecta Nutrition is the nation’s largest organic meal delivery service shipping millions of meals to all 50 states. Trifecta focuses on fueling high performance athletes with delicious convenient organic meals delivered to your door to help crush goals.

The Problem

Trifecta came to us looking to enter the paid media market specifically Facebook advertising.  They had attempted to manage this internally, but weren’t able to hit their KPI’s consistently.  Additionally they were looking for strategies to improve their email marketing technics paired with their Facebook campaign.

Our Strategy

Our goal was to launch a cold client acquisition strategy on Facebook with the goal of reliably and consistently hitting 2x ROAs on initial purchase.  With the offer being a monthly food delivery subscription and the average customer retention being over 12 months, if we were able to perform at the 2x ROAs on the initial purchase, we were told to scale as aggressively as possible.

Conversion Rate Optimization

In order to get the ad campaign up and running we built out a custom landing page structure around CRO best practices.  We deployed the design rapidly and identified 5-10 future A/B tests that we wanted to run. 

This landing page was a bit more complicated because of the nature of the offer having a custom purchase process.  We ran multiple landing pages at one time trying different entry points into the funnel.

Email Marketing

The email strategy with this campaign was built around the custom checkout process, identifying customer behaviors throughout the checkout process that we could optimize and ensure completion of checkout.  This included the basic abandoned cart, abandoned browse, initiate checkout, ect. as well as much more complicated automations that triggered based on length of time on certain pages.

Additionally in the email marketing campaigns we identified key areas to retarget customers with specific ads.  So we triggered the automations to pass back offline audiences back to Facebook to retarget customers to match up with the emails that were being sent.  This allowed to communicate evergreen sales and timers that were consistent on emails, facebook ads and on the web.


The paid ad campaign was a success from day 1.  Going into the ad account, there was $0 current daily spend, so we were starting from scratch with little to no existing data in the account.  Our team put together a custom landing page designed to convert.  We worked closely with the Trifecta internal team to procure high quality UGC content shot by their influencer and affiliate partners.  Using these assets and developing additional high quality creatives, we were able to achieve the initial front end ROAs goal of 2x ROAs, which lead to over 13.2x ROAs total on the campaign.  

We tested multiple campaigns and offers as well several different landing page designs.  One offer we had particular success with was an advertorial content strategy, which we utilized deployed using one of their well known influencer.  We had this influencer write relevant articles about hot topics in the space so we capitalized on face recognition, but also the hot topics.  This campaign directed traffic to a content landing page optimized to convert.  These pages generated high levels of engagement and were highly profitable campaigns.

Our Results

This campaign was a phenomenal success right out of the gate.  With some campaigns, it can take a few variations to nail down the winning campaign, we were able to start scaling on day 1 of launch we achieved the 2x ROAs goal on the initial purchase every day for 12 months with the exception of 2 days.  As a result of hitting the 2x ROAs goal on the first purchase, we saw a total ROAs of over 13x.

From Aug 2018 to Dec 2021

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