Case Study

Weatherford Fit

CRO + Email + PPC

Client Timeline

Jul 2017 - Mar 2019

200 %
Return on Ad Spend
New Leads
10 ¢
Cost Per Lead
$ 400 k
Revenue at Launch

The Brief

Weatherford Fit Strives to be the leader in the health and wellness industry, providing cutting edge workout routines, an exclusive membership platform and highest quality supplements.

The Problem

Steve came to us with an idea for a fitness program, but didn’t have any structure in place to launch. Although he had a solid idea and following on social media, there was no website, no email database and no pricing strategy.

Our Strategy

Our goal was to take the idea for a fitness program and build out a business plan around the program.  We knew that the biggest asset that we had was a dedicated following on social media.  We first strategized on what the offering was and how we were going to price and sell the program.  We eventually landed on a full monthly membership program, integrated with a new website with full supplement upsells.  We launched this with a presale to his existing following converting likes and follows, into a large email list.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Once our team had identified the offer strategy and structure, we began the build out of the entire custom membership platform.  This included a robust user engagement strategy with gamification and weekly rewards.

Built into the membership platform was a number of upsells and landing pages to convert existing members into additional products.  We identified numerous user behaviors which guided them to landing pages for coaching, fitness products and additional supplements.  

Once we had the membership site deployed, we built out a number of landing pages all designed for optimal conversions.  As we launched the presale and started launching paid campaigns we ran over 10 different landing page variations including pricing variations, gender specific designs, lead gen landers and countless upsells and downsells.

We were able to increase our AOV (average order value) from $67 to $129 with a Lifetime Value of over $400.  Through our upsells we saw a 33% take rate on the first upsell leading to highly profitable paid advertising.

Email Marketing

Starting with an email list of less than 70,000, we had a lot of work to do to get the email marketing off the ground.  One of the strategies we deployed was to integrate Manychat with our email CRM to help convert the existing social media following into emails.  The issue was that, although a following on social media is a huge asset, having the actual contact information is much more valuable.  Being able to market directly to the audience without having to be subjected to the Facebook algorithm proved to be a vital part of the marketing strategy.  

Using giveaways and contests on social media, we were able to subscribe over 150,000 emails.  Once we generated these emails, we entered them into a 30 day email automation which included a series of countdowns, urgency and upsells.  We found that in this automation, we were able to convert close to 20% of these leads at the 7 day more into our monthly membership platform.

We also utilized snapchat advertising to generate these leads into a very similar email automation, which proved to be highly profitable almost immediately.

Once we had built up the email list to over 250k emails, we scheduled regular holiday sales and promotions which accounted for close to 30% of the total company revenue.


Our paid ad campaign focused heavily on the presale of the membership to start.  As we were starting from scratch we ran heavy testing of creatives.  Additionally, as we started selling memberships and converting the existing social media followers, we passed back these audiences to Facebook as an offline audience to further target and optimize the ad performance.

Through Facebook and Instagram ads, we were able to regularly achieve 3.5x ROAs on the direct to product campaigns and 2x ROAs on lead gen campaigns.  These campaigns were highly profitable as the bulk of the offering was a digital offer with very little overhead.  Additionally, we launched Snapchat advertising as a lead gen strategy which was able to generate over 70k leads in 9 months all for 30¢ per lead.  These leads were profitable in the first 7 days.

Our Results

This project was a wild success.  Starting with next to nothing, our team was responsible for building out not only the marketing strategy, but the business plan.  We were able to take a social media following and build out a sustainable business and brand. 

From Jul 2017 to Mar 2019

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